STrib: Plitzuweit Sees Growth

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Sep 9, 2015
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Plitzuweit said she has seen a number of players stand out over the summer, including:

* Battle might be the most improved player on the team, the coach said. Challenged to be more assertive on both ends of the court, Battle has responded. She spent the summer working on her shot. "Her shot is good, really good," Plitzuweit said. "She just needs more reps and confidence."

* Plitzuweit said she thinks Braun's work with Team USA 3x3 basketball will be a springboard into a strong sophomore season. Braun, who made the Big Ten all-freshman team, was part of the U.S. team that won the U21 Nations League Asia Pacific tournament in China in June and will be a part of the U23 team that plays in the FIBA Nations League final in Mongolia in September. Among all the players Plitzuweit has coached, she said Braun sees the game like a coach more than almost anyone

The thing that I'm looking for from this team is better defense, both in the half court and open court. Individually, staying in front of the ball a little better and particularly team defensive rotations, and general toughness. Will we force teams away from what they like to do and make them uncomfortable?

This team should be able to score, but they MUST be much better defensively if they hope to hit the 500 mark in Big Ten play.

I was glad to see the little note about challenging their first team defense to recognize, adjust and execute on the fly. Looking forward to seeing what they bring defensively every night, because that will be the key to being better than last year.

Interesting that there's no mention of Aiyanna Johnson. Coming from a small school, she's probably a project?
I mean the freshman just got here, give them a little time to acclimate and gain reps to the rest of the team and get used to the system. Let them get in the weight room and gain some strength first. They will get there opportunity, the holdovers that have been here since spring likely have an edge.

Klick and Grocholski were mentioned to be in line for playing time this year as freshman.

I think when point guard Amaya Battle goes out that Klick makes sense for playing there.

Grocholski is interesting because she's a strong top-100 prospect coming in at wing/SF but there are other players competitive. Czinano was pretty good and expected to be better -- except what position she plays is vague to me. Holloway is basically just starting her career and has a long road ahead... we don't know... Etc.

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