STrib: How good can Gophers volleyball be? New-look team amped for in-progress debut


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Nov 11, 2008
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Per Jeff:

Jittery energy has been cackling around the Gophers volleyball team. Coaches can't sleep, can't wait to wake up, can't get the hype playlist just right for practice. Attackers are swinging like their lives depend on it. Words are being bandied about like couples therapy: communication, chemistry, reactions, harmony, marriage, catalysts, neutralizers.

It feels like the coaches and players have entered into a laboratory for interpersonal dynamics in athletics, and with good reason. Over the next five days, the Gophers will be tested at Maturi Pavilion. TCU on Friday, No. 15 Baylor on Saturday, No. 1 Texas on Tuesday.

The first few weeks of the season feature a run of top-tier competition, but lineups and roster combinations are a work in progress for Minnesota. Experimentation will be the only option for a team debuting four new coaches and six new players.

Welcome to the lab.

Go Gophers!!

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