Strib: Coach and Players Describe Budding Camaraderie

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Sep 9, 2015
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Kent Youngblood

Two of the more interesting things to emerge from Big Ten women's basketball media day at Target Center on Monday:

—New Gophers coach Dawn Plitzuweit started her time at the podium by likening her team to a construction crew.

—The nickname Amaya Battle gave her new coach: Dawny P.

"It was the first time we ever met her, and Amaya was like, 'Can I call you Dawny P?' " Mara Braun said. "She was like, 'OK.' "


"I think they will make a big jump,'' Ohio State coach Kevin McGuff said of the Gophers. It's his belief that players make their biggest jump from freshmen to sophomores.


Still recovering from surgery to repair a knee injury sustained in July before last season, Nia Holloway is taking part in many of the practice sessions but has not yet been fully cleared.

Plitzuweit acknowledged that Holloway, the former Eden Prairie star, had hit a few bumps in the road during her recovery but said the athletic forward will play for the team this season.

—Plitzuweit said she hasn't heard whether center Sophie Hart — who transferred from North Carolina State to Minnesota after just a handful of games last season — will be granted an extra year of eligibility by the NCAA. But there is no rush; right now Hart is about to enter her junior season.

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