STrib: Big signing day coming for Gophers men's basketball with Dennis Evans, Cam Christie

Did Reader have any D1 or 2 offers? I couldn’t find a 247 recruiting profile for home.

Txs in advance.
Evidently not a lot of buzz among DI schools. Some interest from Mountain West teams. Guessing if he wanted to play D2 on scholarship he could have had several opportunities.
At 6-8 or 6-9 at New Life he averaged 13 ppg. To create some DI buzz he'd have to at least double that to 26 ppg at a Class A school.
He works hard. He's physical around the basket, willing to bang. He makes 3's in the highlights but... Hey, he is going to improve. He's probably going to grow. Better quickness would bring better offers.

indeed. not on Otis' list above, and (i believe) can't go back to walk on.
If you did not receive your scholarship in your first year of enrollment it is year to year and can be revoked at coaches discretion. I don't see Jackson being on the team if Ihnen and Fox are back.
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Umm, more likely

There is no way Evans wouldn’t start at center.

That’s a B1G lineup right there fellas!

Pretty good for the worst coach in the league!
He can recruit well and be the worst coach in the league. I’m not saying he is—but its absolutely possible. Look at Scott Frost.

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