STrib: Banham's Leadership Role Grows with the Lynx

Ignatius L Hoops

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Sep 9, 2015
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Kent Youngblood:

But Banham's value goes deeper than stats, which is why coach Cheryl Reeve wants more.

Banham has always been one of the team's most popular players, the team's glue. Reeve called her the Pied Piper.

On a team with a lot of new faces, with a lot of youth, this puts Banham in an important position. She has the players' ear. Sometimes they may need to hear some tough talk.

"If you see something you know is not within the boundaries of our culture and you let it go, then you become a part of the problem,'' Reeve said. "She has a really powerful position in that. Everyone loves being around Rachel.

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