Souhan: Dawn Plitzuweit's Gophers goals: Entertain as well as win, with Mara Braun leading the way


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Nov 11, 2008
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Per Souhan:

Dawn Plitzuweit, the new Gophers women's basketball coach, has a full schedule these days.

She has been waking at about 3 a.m., to watch her most celebrated player, incoming sophomore Mara Braun, compete in a three-on-three tournament in China.
She corresponds with Braun, then heads to campus to finalize the plan for the morning practice. Then there is practice, then meetings, recruiting, administrative duties, and, oh, yes, getting rid of all of the boxes accumulating at her family's new home a short drive from campus.

Plitzuweit has been coaching since 1995. She got her first head coaching job in 2002. She has observed and experienced the growth of women's basketball and women's sports in general. Often, conversations about that growth revolve around public perception and the role of the media.

Go Gophers!!

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