Shama: New U QB: ‘I Live and Die by Preparation’


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Nov 11, 2008
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Per Shama:

Between now and the University of Minnesota’s opening football game August 29 against North Carolina, no Golden Gophers player will prompt more curiosity and anticipation than transfer quarterback Max Brosmer. He made FCS All-American last fall at New Hampshire while leading the FCS in passing yards and total offense. Yet there is no certain way to know how well he will perform at a higher level against FBS/Big Ten teams.

That answer will have to wait until the Gophers go through their 12-game schedule, but a few things are known after Brosmer’s short tenure here that includes workouts in the winter and now spring practices that began last week. The intel is this: the transfer QB is an adult, with a pro’s work ethic, dedication to preparation and a desire to lead.

“I live and die by preparation,” said Brosmer who played five years at New Hampshire and was a team captain in 2023. “I know that my skill only goes so far. I don’t run a 4.4. I can’t escape every single blitz but if I know it’s coming, then maybe I can have a chance to get out of it. …I think that it (escaping trouble) comes from a team effort. Comes from the staff and also a group effort from the offensive line, the running back room, the receiver room and me as well–together (with us) doing it. …There’s a lot that goes into it.”

Go Gophers!!

The more one knows about Max the better we like him. Hard worker, great work ethic, leadership qualities, no off field issues just what we have been looking for. Great Minnesota Values. Asset to the University. I guess we were told wrong "FCS is not a 4 letter word". RTB Gopher football fans are Blessed we have Max.

I'm concerned that our QB prepares to die. Perhaps someone should check in and see how he's doing. Unless he's really into early estate planning.

It's good to know that he's an adult. I would not want a kid to be playing QB for the Gophers.

Unless it was like a football version of that movie where the kid was pitching for the Cubs.
("Rookie of the Year" - I looked it up - only got 41% on Rotten Tomatoes....)
That was Athan Kaliakmanis. Long name, big arm, lotta hype, then it all went poof

I just hope he's prepared to throw a 7 yard pass with some touch- and then does it
Agreed. But honestly... I'll take a pass that doesn't get batted down at the line of scrimmage first. Then, give me accuracy. No more of the two yards behind the receiver on a slant route. No more air-mailed, out of bounds, in the stands nonsense. Then, yes... touch. Please, please, please.. no more missiles on a 5 yard curl which might leave a dent in the chest of the receiver.

And then... throw in a bit of game/situational awareness. Throw in a little leadership capability. And throw in the work ethic.

If Max has all of this stuff, then I'm in. As I type that, I can only get excited. We can't help but be better at the QB position.

You guys are writhing off Drake way to early. Do not be surprised if he gets a lot of snaps at QB this coming year.

He has the two things I always look for: brains and accuracy throwing at all three levels. Does no good if you have a howitzer for an arm like Athan but you can't hit the side of a barn with it.

It is about his receivers and a competent game plan by the coaching staff. He has not played a snap here yet and if we do not have a solid back up plan, we will be in trouble. No way to tell no matter the preparation what will happen.

Shama: New U QB: ‘I Live and Die by Preparation’​

Hopefully, not Preparation H…

You guys are writhing off Drake way to early. Do not be surprised if he gets a lot of snaps at QB this coming year.
If our QB this year is a true freshman then we’re in trouble. Brosmer is a 23 year old senior with loads of experience. Barring injury it will be Max taking the snaps.

The more I hear how great our new QB is the more I expect a wash, rinse, repeat. Until we see actual play in a real game, it's all the usual MN FB wishin' and hopin'. I'm tired of it. I'm done playing Charlie Brown.

Preparation is a good thing to "live and die" by. Athan lived and died based on how horizontal he could keep his arm when throwing the ball.

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