Shama: Gophers, Bison in Box Office Matchup


Jul 28, 2017
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Such a bunch of arrogant wimps. Gopher football is the soy milk of UM. Good at the Gopher Gang bang but not so good on a football field where men run the show not wimps on molly running drunken white women.

Gophers can’t beat NDSU. Just a bunch of arrogant braggarts that think finishing near the bottom of the big 10 for 50 years makes them respectable. Bars in the out state barely run the gopher games and if they do will switch to the Bison if asked. Gopher fans always publicly humbled at the mention of the Bison.

Afraid to play but not brag Gophers are all puffed shirts. Its funny to watch gopher fans at the sports bar when somebody says how can they be good they can’t beat NDSU and are afraid to play them.

Every time your about to take some pride in your gang banger soy boys just remember you are in a state of disgrace because the Gophers can’t beat the BISON and don’t even dare play them. Gophers just can’t get the players, fans all mouth, all hat and all belt buckle, no ranch no cattle.

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