Senior Day and the "unsung" seniors

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Nov 13, 2008
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We keep hearing about senior day for VanDeSteeg, Hightower, Simmons and Davis. There are a number of other Seniors who will be playing their last game today as well, including:

William Brody
Justin Kucek
Mike Maciejowski
Kevin Mannion
Joel Monroe (from Brooklyn Park)
Steve Moore (from Coon Rapids)
Tony Mortensen (from Hutchinson)

Personally, I think Kucek and Monroe have been great team players. Kucek, unfortuantely, will be remembered for the 2005 blocked punt vs. Wisconsin (as much a coaching error as a player error - he should've tossed it out of the end zone for a safety - oh well). Monroe is just a great kid and a huge step up in talent over Jason Gianini (who he replaced). They both put 100% into the game.

I have always heard that backup QB's play a much bigger role than they're given credit for. They run the opposing offense in practice and help keep the starter sharp. I, for one, thought that Mort was a sure thing as starter last year - but when true frosh Weber was selected he was - and always has been - very supportive. Mort was also our QB versus Wisconsin in the 2005 game. I have also heard that Maciejowski is probably the most popular player among the team - great attitude and apparently he is hilarious.

And Kevin Manion, at LB, has played in over 30 games. He has started a number of those. He was a recruited walk-on who earned a scholarship. He is also a player we recruited from Wisconsin - much like we will continue to do more succesfully.


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Nov 12, 2008
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It would be nice to have a piece on the seniors. Not as a group, but individually. It could be a form, or just a paragraph.

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