Scoggins: Give Whalen One More Year


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Jan 1, 2009
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Correct me if I'm wrong: The U has built new facilities for almost every varsity sport (football, swimming, hockey, baseball, softball, tennis, track and field, likely others I've not mentioned), but they leave M & W basketball and VB playing in a rundown, antiquated building that's over a 100 years old and looks and acts its age. What top talented youth want to play there? What BB coach, even a genius at recruiting, could recruit a winning team in such a building in the 21st century? Why build new facilities for other varsity programs, but leave BB in the lurch? And why visit that fate on basketball, a Big Ten revenue sport at the U? Do any nationally sought-after top-rated athletes want to play there? And how many talented coaches want to coach there?
Swimming's facilities are about 33 years old and hockey+ Tennis are over 20 years old, not sure I would call them new.

Williams arena is great for the players the locker rooms are very nice and comfortable with plenty of amenities. The interior is very classy, clean and unique. The only problem with the building is the bench seating, the obstructed views and crowds in the concourses but non of this affects the players experience, only the fans. Duke is the ongoing example of how little the age and size of an arena matters to players but this argument never seems to die....

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