Sam McKewon: P.J. Fleck has a sixth-year QB he loves at Minnesota — but you won't see him yet


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Nov 11, 2008
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Per Sam:

In comes Brosmer. His highlights show off accuracy, craftiness in the red zone with shovel passes and improvisations, and adequate mobility on the zone read play.

“You start with the intangibles — they’re through the roof,” Fleck said. “…You feel like he’s already been here for 30 years.”

Brosmer appears to lack a big arm, but so did Tanner Morgan, Fleck’s favored five-year starter. So do a lot of above-average quarterbacks on seven-win teams.

And Minnesota’s schedule — along with a defensive front seven full of old guys — put seven wins in reach. The Gophers play their first four games at home, including Big Ten opener Iowa. And they picked the right years to play at rebuilding Michigan and UCLA while hosting USC and Penn State.

Annually a name that pops up for open jobs, Fleck opted to remain at Minnesota instead of pursuing the Bruin job. He deflected the UCLA question when asked in March. Fleck, entering his eighth season, is now the Gophers’ second-longest-tenured head coach in the last 50 years. That stint includes a 6-1 record against Nebraska, and a five-game winning streak.

For the first year since NU joined the league, the Huskers-Gophers series goes on hiatus. It returns in 2025.

By then, Fleck’s level of patience at Minnesota may have more definition.

He’s bemoaned, at times, his program’s inability to prevent elite talent — like running back Bucky Irving — from transferring to places like Oregon. He’s created an NIL-donors-only practice this spring for those who contribute to the Dinkytown Athletes fund and chosen to forgo a public spring football game.

“I want to keep things inside the best I possibly can keep things inside,” Fleck said, “with the way college football is changing.”

No Brosmer for you, Big Ten Network subscriber. At least not until next September.

Go Gophers!!

Interesting to see a writer say that 7 wins is within reach for the Gophers in 2024. I thought the "conventional wisdom", was 4 wins, max(!). I think we have a chance to open with a win over UNC in 2024. We'll be considerably better than in 2023, with a passing game to complement our strong running game--and with experience at LB. And no matter who the QB is for UNC, it will be a downgrade from Drake Maye. And the Gophers' stadium will probably be sold out.

I suppose it's better to have the QB wearing a bag over his head as opposed to the fans wearing bags over their heads. Instead of the "Unknown Comic," we can have the "Unknown QB."

back in the 60's, there was a board game - marketed for girls - called "Mystery Date."
maybe we need an updated version called "Mystery QB?"

or a new TV detective series: "Max Brosmer - Man of Mystery!"

maybe a new comic book character - "Mystery Max." He would have to have a maroon-and-gold costume.

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