Ryan Stapp Leaves The Team


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Jan 21, 2009
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This news started to come out last week elsewhere. PJ confirmed tonight that Stapp has left the team. Word is he is likely retiring from football.

Expect the Gophers to be hard after a couple transfer CBs come May.

Sometimes it's best to simply walk away from the game you love whatever sport or activity that it may be. Doesn't do the mind any good to force yourself to do something if the cards aren't in play. Good luck! Thanks for attending the U!


It really is amazing that people put themselves through the rigors of Sport as long as they do.

Bummer, was hoping he would get a chance to see some significant time this season. Agree with those that think this ups the chances of bringing in a portal DB or 2. Great opportunity for some of the young guys in the roster to step up and show what they can do as well.

Big Ten Football is demanding physically and mentally. Look at all the previously promising Gophers knocked out of football by life-altering injuries. There is no shame in quitting.

I wish Ryan Stapp the very best in his endeavors. He has great memories, health, and a bright future ahead of him.

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