Rossi with PA from High School coaches conference in St. Louis Park


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Aug 12, 2010
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Rossi at 13 minute mark. Goes to 36.

Some Mariano Sori-Marin talk...PA had Sori-Marin in studio recently and just loved him (it was an impressive interview).

Love that PA and Nordo made the effort to get out there, love that they had Rossi on.

Hardest things with kids today: hearing the truth about their talent and situation on team. Kids who want instant gratification, aren't willing to work and wait for opportunity. Also, being held accountable.

Wants guys with resilience, grit, willing to work.

Rossi topic at conference was on blitz fundamentals, edge rushers, blitzing off the edge.

Rossi on Big Ten offenses evolving this year: thinks we will see more RPO, more air raid Big 12 concepts...Big Ten has in past reflected NFL with more run game, more 2-TE formations...met with some NFL guys this winter for ideas on improving pass rush...NFL guys wanted his take on defending running QBs..

NFL guys value players who are smart, care, good people...can work on their own on their weaknesses....gave T-Time as an example. Rossi thinks Minnesota establishing a good rep for off the field quality of guys they are turning out.
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Rossi spoke to the coaches conference as well. Sounds like he was very well received.

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