RIP - Joe Flaherty

He was fantastic on SCTV, especially as Count Floyd and Guy Caballero. RIP.
Even though I had watched every episode religiously, I did not realize until recently that SCTV newsman Floyd Robertson and Count Floyd were actually the same character. This was a throw back I am sure to independent TV station personalities in the day pulling multiple duties.

Top 5 Flaherty Characters off the top of my head:

1. Sammy Maudlin
2. Guy Caballero
3. Big Jim McBob
4. Floyd Robertson/Count Floyd
5. Rocco from Days of the Week

Really bummed to hear this news. Just so many great characters on SCTV.

He made his living off and on as a writer too. He also helped open Second City in Toronto

Adam Sandler is mourning costar Joe Flaherty after his death at 82.

"Oh man. Worshipped Joe growing up. Always had me and my brother laughing," Sandler, 57, wrote on Instagram Tuesday alongside several photos of Flaherty, who died Monday.

Flaherty, who worked with Sandler on the 1996 golf comedy Happy Gilmore, died after an unknown illness, as his daughter Gundrun told Variety in a statement shared through the Comedic Artists Alliance.

"Count Floyd, Guy Caballero. Any move he made. He crushed as border guard in Stripes," Sandler wrote in his caption, referencing several of Flaherty's roles over his nearly four-decades-long acting career.

"Couldn’t be more fun to have him heckle me on the golf course. The nicest guy you could know," he added, mentioning Flaherty's appearance in Happy Gilmore. "Genius of a comedian. And a true sweetheart. Perfect combo. Much love to his kids and thanks to Joe for all the greatness he gave us all."

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Very funny guy! Count Floyd! Time to post rainbow in Toronto!
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when SCTV was cooking, it was funnier (IMHO) than Saturday Night Live - at least during that era.

in honor of Big Jim McBob ---

Agree. Absolutely loved SCTV. Laughed my a$$ off. Guy was my favorite character of his.

Agree. Absolutely loved SCTV. Laughed my a$$ off. Guy was my favorite character of his.

Mine too.

The difference between the two shows is interesting. Martin Short, Robin Duke, Tony Rosato etc. all were on both SCTV and SNL. Catherine O'Hara agreed to join SNL then after a few rehearsals, backed out. She didn't like the "Live from New York" part and had been told they were going to do more filmed pieces.

The problem was, much like Monty Python, the SCTV people didn't like the fact that SNL was shot live in front of a studio audience. Python and SCTV should be better than SNL because they can rehearse and edit their sketches keeping the failures out of public viewing. SNL can't.

Flaherty wanted to join SNL and was only offered a job as a writer. Ironically enough Flaherty loved to improve and use to irritate his fellow cast members by changing things up when they did stuff live on stage.
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Monster Chiller Horror Theater!

RIP. Interesting that one of the people who paid a great tribute to him was Martin Scorsese. Very cool.

Candy & Flaherty on Letterman


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