Rewind: Mara Braun Thoughts on The B1G tournament and Team Growth


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Dec 4, 2023
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After a triumphant victory against Rutgers at the Target Center on March 6th, the Gopher women’s basketball team faced a quick turnaround to confront the Michigan Wolverines less than 24 hours later. Despite Michigan's dominance inside the paint, Amaya Battle emerged as a beacon of hope for the Golden Gophers, contributing 22 points and showcasing her newfound leadership and confidence in her teammates' collective effort on the court. However, amidst their efforts, Grace Grocholski and Mallory Heyer struggled to find their rhythm, raising concerns of a potential scoring drought in the first half. Yet, freshman Ayianna Johnson made an impactful return, reaching double figures in scoring for only the second time this season. Adding to the team's promise, another freshman, Ajok Madol, made a significant impact off the bench with multiple three-pointers, finishing the game with 11 points.

Reflecting on the team's performance in the Big Ten Tournament, Mara Braun highlighted the importance of securing a win, stating, "I think it was huge for the team itself to get one Big Ten tournament win." She further praised Battle's versatile scoring abilities, noting, "She was scoring at all three levels. She at one point hit a 3 behind a screen, and I was like, what is going on here." Braun expressed her delight in Battle's growing confidence and independence on the court, stating, "She just has been playing with so much confidence even in practice when she has to take over she's doing that and not necessarily looking at me all the time which it's nice to have her as a thread as well because we all know she’s capable it’s just her believing in herself."

Despite the loss, Coach Dawn Plitzuweit remains confident in the team's ability to continue growing and improving, indicating a positive outlook for the future
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