Reusse: Lohman Provides Gophers Volleyball Stability in the Middle

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Sep 9, 2015
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Molly Lohman went through grade school in Mankato as the tallest person in her class. “Boy or girl,” she said.

Tall girls appeal to basketball and volleyball coaches. Also swimming.

Nicole Lohman, Molly’s older sister, was a swimmer at Mankato West. “The coach said, ‘Molly should be a swimmer, too,’ because tallness was an advantage in the pool,” said Janine Lohman, the girls’ mother.

Too late. Molly had started playing volleyball in a more competitive manner as an eighth-grader, and she was hooked...

...“Molly came in, got a grasp on the college game, and became a starter for us during the Big Ten season,” Gophers coach Hugh McCutcheon. “She has been a four-year starter as a blocker. That doesn’t happen often at this level.”

The Gophers were a youthful collection in 2014, with Sarah Wilhite and the Tapp twins, Hannah and Paige, as sophomores, and Lohman, a freshman, getting much work across the front.

Those Gophers were under .500 in the Big Ten and ended a streak of 15 consecutive NCAA tournaments. It was not the start of a trend. The Gophers went to the Final Four in 2015 and 2016.

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