Reusse: Gopher Volleyball Returns as the Best Show in Town

Ignatius L Hoops

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Sep 9, 2015
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There are no sad songs coming from McCutcheon over the disruptions caused by the pandemic. He sounds grateful for the bond here — a coach, his small staff and the athletes — that most cannot duplicate during these troubled times.

"We're the volleyball team," McCutcheon said. "We take a holistic approach to that. It's about life as much as volleyball. The truth is, 'Normal is not normal' right now, and our team — as students, as athletes, as people — have adjusted to that idea very well."

McCutcheon laughed slightly and said: "I also have the benefit of St. Wizzie taking care of all those adjustments at home."

That would be Hugh's wife Elisabeth, known as Liz (The Wiz) Bachman in her days as a volleyball great, and now making sure the kids, Andrew and Annika, check in for their online learning and all of the rest of parenthood.

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