Reusse: Former Gopher, NBA player Chris Engler persisting in battle with ALS


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Nov 11, 2008
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Per Pat:

It is ALS, and we have heard about and seen it appear almost out of nowhere for too many familiar people, to now react in one of two ways: a stunned silence or an "Oh, my God."

Which was the reaction when Charley Walters, the unstoppable notes columnist for the St. Paul Pioneer Press, revealed publicly in 2021 that Chris Engler had been diagnosed in May with ALS.

Reaction: "Great dude. And a 7-foot man with this. Oh, my God."

That November, there was an ALS event with hockey player and state Sen. David Tomassoni, former Gophers infielder Mike Bruss and Engler at Ridder Arena.

"Should'a been here Sunday," Engler said. "Dave Winey, Kos [Dan Kosmoski], Bones [Mike Cervoney] — you know Bones — and Jim Cammarato were here. That was quite a story-telling session."

We had a mini-version of that. I was surprised immediately that Chris was standing up straight on his long legs in the living room.

Go Gophers!!

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