Requiem for College BB

Thanks, I was aware that Mr. Knight's contributions to the academic side were extensive but didn't think it was relevant to the discussion about NIL financial impacts to athletic success. The University of Oregon is extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated benefactor (both for academics and athletics). Looks like you're a Ducks fan - do you agree with my assessment that they are destined for great things upon joining the Big 10?
I've joined a couple Big 10 websites to get a better feel for what my Ducks are headed into next year. I'm not all that familiar with all the various rivalries. I know Minnesota's primary rivalries are with Wisconsin and Iowa.

I see a lot of venom between various Big ten schools fans. Ohio St and Michigan fans need to get a grip on reality. The Oregon and Washington rivalry started in 1948 when the taildraggers broke rank with the other NW schools and cast a tiebreaker vote to send Cal to the Rose Bowl instead of the Ducks. Oregon also has the Oregon St rivalry which appears to be staying intact as an OOC game.

Where I'm headed here is rivalry games tend to throw the records out the window and I'd like to understand the various rivalries better. Success in the Big Ten is not easy to predict given the intensity of the various rivalries.

One benefit for the Ducks is that they don't have to deal with Stanford anymore. Stanford has been a school that just seems to frustrate the Ducks way to often.

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