Predict the Score Thread: Minnesota at Michigan State

Minnesota - 31 (Mo with 18)
Sparty - 14

Minnesota: 34
Michigan State: 27

MSU scores late to make it look closer than it was.

43-0. Gophers in a laugher.

Gophers continue to pitch shutouts. 3 in a row, this will be #4. Mock drafts have 7 starting defenders in the first round right now. There’s a reason.

MSU 28
MN 24

If the gophers win I won’t pick against them until at least the B10 Championship Game

Minnesota 32
Michigan State 24
Going to be a dandy.

Gophers 30
MSU 20

quick "explainer" - MSU is easily the best team Gophers have faced. they will move the ball better and score more points. On defense, MSU is good against the run - not good against the pass.

so, this is the game where we find out two things - how will the Gophers' defense look against a quality opponent, and how does the Gophers' passing game look without CrAB.

my call........

Gophers 27, MSU 20

Goldenest Gophers 31
MSU 20

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