Poll: Who Should Win the Stanley Cup?

Which Team Do You Want to Win the Stanley Cup

  • Edmonton Oilers

    Votes: 6 66.7%
  • Florida Panthers

    Votes: 3 33.3%
  • New York Rangers

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Dallas Stars

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Mar 9, 2024
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We're down to the final four.

Poll closes June 4. You can change your vote until then.

Florida wins, far outplayed Rangers except Rangers had some good scoring chances.

Went panthers but hoping for the oilers so mcdavid gets one. Think the final is probably panthers-stars with the stars being the team I’d want to see win the least

Wow, Oilers were winning. Game now to overtime after Dallas scored towards the end of regular.

Connor McDavid opened OT by committing a double-minor!?! He's in the box for 4 minutes.

Update: Stars hit the pipe twice.

Update: Oilers kill it off. Out of the box comes McDavid.

Later update: McDavid with the wide open net for the win, but Dallas goaltender Oettinger gets his stick to the spot where the shot went and somehow stops it.

Goaltender duel.

It goes to double-overtime.
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Rangers-Florida in OT, slugging it out. Really good hockey.

Rangers win!

Oilers with a mishap leads to an empty net goal for Dallas. Looks like they let this slip away.

Series tied.

Oilers now lead the series 3 games to 2 over Stars. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins scored 2 goals on 3 shots on goal.

Florida leads Rangers 3 games to 2. Florida looks like the strongest playoff team.


I would like Okposo to get his name on the cup.

Bonin21 and others know this but for others, there's a backstory to Okposo and the Gophers.

Gophers coach Don Lucia said the Islanders caused a tough situation when he left mid-season. Islanders basically said they didn't respect Lucia's coaching, or maybe that was the excuse to sign him at a bad time.

He's from St Paul and plays for Florida. He's played in over 1,000 games. Surely his long career must be nearing the end.


And the lights are going out in Dallas.

Edmonton leads 2-0 after 1 period in the elimination of Dallas game.

Connor McDavid with a terrific goal and a terrific assist.


Florida is heavily favored.

Game 1 is Saturday the 8th:

A Canadian team hasn't won the cup since 1993.

The Minnesota Wild in the Great State of Hockey have won the cup a record six times in a row, that was just a joke, correction, a bad joke.


Ya, bad joke. Minnesota is LOSERVILLE, USA when it comes to pro sports + college football and basketball. For those of us under 35, it's been laughable.

"Did You Know? If you started rooting for the four Minnesota teams 20 years ago, your overall fan experience grade would be an F and you'd be in the 99.9% percentile for fan suffering?"

Florida takes the 1 game advantage behind goalie Sergei Bobrovsky. Florida now is heavily favored to win it all. At age 35 he is the oldest to record a shutout.

He was never drafted into the NHL partly due to uncertainty getting signed players from Russia. He made his first NHL start in 2010. (The Wild later in 2015 drafted Kirill Kaprizov in the 5th round who didn't play until 2021 and now the team's biggest star).

The Dead Cat Bounce

Oilers stay alive in Stanley Cup final with dominant win over Panthers in Game 4

"McDavid had a goal and three assists as Edmonton thumped Florida 8-1 on Saturday to cut the Panthers' lead in the best-of-seven title series to 3-1.

"Doesn't matter if you score eight or you score one," said the Oilers captain, the first player since 1987 to record four points in a Cup final game with his team facing elimination.

"It's just one win."

But an impressive one at that."

No idea how Oilers survived Florida. Must be that guy Connor McDagger.

"Oilers forward Connor McDavid rose to the challenge, becoming the first player in NHL history to record consecutive four-point games in a Stanley Cup Final. He registered a combined three goals and five assists in Game 4 and Game 5, pulling the Oilers back into the series.

The Oilers still face very long odds of completing a comeback, as they attempt to become just the second team in NHL history to overcome a 3-0 Stanley Cup Final series deficit to win the title."


Edmonton fans are flipping out. Can you imagine being at the game? That whole town is going bananas.


A pair of tickets to game seven are a minimum of $1,300 each for upper corner. It's more like $3.3-5K for sidelines. $8k for a pair.

Ratings will be off the charts, final game winner take all.

In betting markets, Florida Panthers are favored to win the final game.

I don't know... Edmonton looked totally different last night, manhandling Florida. Edmonton has a historic good penalty kill this post-season. They were on it all game.

I wonder how Florida players and fans are taking this. What a catastrophic collapse if they lose this thing.

Only 1 other team has come back from 0-3 deficit.

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I'm not sure I can cheer hard for one team in the Stanley Cup finale. It will be so bad for the loser.

I love the Oilers story... but then look at the Florida story if that happens.

Canada has not won the cup for a long time, 1993. What a sting to fall short -- again -- and with McDavid.

Ok, I am for Edmonton. We could use another Vikings lost them all team so it's not so bad for us.

Panthers losing would be embarrassing but wouldn't get close to touching 30+ years of MN pro sports being a joke and not even making a final.


"The Oilers won 5-1 in Game 6, forcing Game 7.

“It was the highest energy of anything I’ve ever experienced, period,” Palichuk said. “The crowd was totally into it. The loudest I saw was 110 decibels, but they said it hit 120 during the game. I don’t know if that’s confirmed or not.

“It’s hard to describe that energy. I cannot believe how many people we ran into that we knew, many of whom are on the charter.”

They ended up with 95 names and had to wrangle passport information for everyone for the manifest. They got it done by 12:30 p.m. Saturday.

Each person on the flight paid $2,540 Canadian, and the total cost was $242,000. Some will sit in suites for Game 7. Others bought tickets on their own on the secondary market.
It will be a priceless experience, especially if goalie Stuart Skinner, captain Connor McDavid and company pull this off."


“It’s exciting, but it’s very stressful,” Otero said. “I don’t want to think anything negative, because it’s a possible dream come true. It’s historical with Game 7. I just hope it’s historical in a positive sense.”


"At the beginning, I didn’t know which team to root for," Lightning fan Michelle Gordon said. "I like the idea of the Cup being in Florida -- and especially keeping it away from Canada for yet another year! But it’s the Panthers and they are our rivals, so I was torn. But now, the idea of our rivals going down in history as epic chokers? It’s just so beautiful, and it’s put me all in for Edmonton. Let’s go, Oilers."

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