PiPress: Richard Pitino: “I never said NCAA tournament or bust”

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Feb 9, 2012
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A guy like Richard with a recruiting and culture change will take a bit longer. I've said it before, 6 years is what I would give him to hit his stride.

Year 1 - No recruiting other than spring and transfers from prior job (small school), solid roster depth wise from prior team but no youth whatsoever

Year 2 - Your first half a$sed recruiting season (recruiting takes longer than 12 months), mix of kids you visited when you were with Florida Atlantic (Morris) and guys you were able to snag in less than 12 months of relationship building. Roster is composed of even less of the prior regime's hold overs, depth is a major concern due to transfer outs and poor recruiting from prior year

Year 3 - Your upper classmen are now comprised of your poor recruiting seasons. More depth than top end talent. Youth is looking brighter, recuring relationships are building based on length and track record on style, not results

Year 4 - Your seniors are now comprised of transfers in and kids you recruited "half as$ed". Depth is developing due to better recruiting, newcomers are higher level. Recruiting is now starting to get based on results. Year 3 and 2 results are weighted heavily in decisions from newcomers.

Year 5 - You're first round fully recruited players are now juniors and playing MAJOR minutes if they weren't before. You're able to sell the style and record much easier, depth should be exactly where you need it to be with a fully replaced roster and only your seniors are of a lower recruiting relationship/talent level

Year 6 - The first set of kids you recruited for a good length of time are now your seniors. It's time to make hay, absolutely no reason you shouldn't have a full roster and the talent level we can expect. Time to put up or shut up. Recruits should be at exactly where you want to be with an occasional out of the park mixed in with an occasional miss or reach.

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