Pioneer Press: Nia Holloway is Not Really Missing

Ignatius L Hoops

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Sep 9, 2015
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John Shipley:

She is the piece missing from the Gophers’ talented freshman class, but Niamya Holloway is not really missing. You can find the forward from Eden Prairie just about anywhere you see the women’s basketball team.

Whether it’s finding classmate Mara Braun immediately after her game-winning 3-pointer on Nov. 13 against Lehigh or doing her rehab exercises in the corner while the rest of the team practices, Hollway isn’t hard to spot.

“I still have a role on the team,” she said last week. It’s just not the one she expected to be playing this season.


“When I got my MRI (results), it was tough because all I heard was, ‘You tore your ACL.’ And all I could think about was (losing) the season.” Holloway. “It was really hard. But I’m so far from that now; it’s crazy to think that happened almost five months ago.”

Holloway was cleared to begin spot shooting last week and spends practices doing stretching and strengthening exercises that would intimidate many. The sight test suggests she could play. In fact, Holloway said as her knee improved, it felt like she could play.

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