PF Mallory Heyer, Star Tribune Metro Player of the Year


Apr 9, 2022
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Someone in this group wrote that the key to success is a good point guard and a good power forward.

Miss Minnesota Basketball Amaya Battle has elite skills for the point guard position. It won't be long before she's helping to direct the Gophers on the court. Battle at Hopkins has received national reputation.

And then Mallory Heyer is a force at power forward. Not only does she rebound and score in the paint, she's an effective shooter from the wings. The ability to move her around open up the lane for others. The Gophers now have the talent to be dynamic as we've not seen before.

I am curious to see how they use F Nia Holloway who is a power forward also. I've seen video of her dribbling and shooting from all over the court too.

And then Mara Braun has skills that are closer to Paige Buecker than Sara Scalia. She's a combo guard. She has point guard skills but shoots electric from 3-point range and a constant threat to steal the ball.

I'm bullish on the Gophers.

Borowicz was a top-100 prospect and could easily be Scalia II. Micheaux flashed huge potential starting with her freshman coming out game against tough North Carolina. I think the Gophers played her more as a center but she's probably a post player. Czinano, like her older sister, is a small town talent with a ceiling under the radar.

Anyway, I think a talent like Heyer at power forward will be HUGE.

The only question really is how the Gophers handle center. Oberg looks like an upgrade to Mershon's minutes and flashed potential.
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