Peacock suckcock.

Maybe change the title?

I could pause and skip through commercials, so I was happy.
I thought Peacock was quite good. The announcers obviously did there homework prepping for the game. They knew a lot about Gopher sports and Minnesota sports. And, they stayed on topic through the entire game. Would be nice to be able to record, but I knew I couldn't coming in. I also liked how the camera stayed on Williams arena for a few minutes after the game. Got to see the team go around the court shaking hands, etc.

Peacock is broke dick.

Nah.....I actually liked the job they did.

I thought broadcast production, announcers, etc were all fine. I did find the app to be slow and it hung a few times as I tried to exit/enter to watch other sports, but my Roku is getting up there in age.

Now that I'm signed up for a month, I'll have to see if there's anything on there worth watching.

They do have a lot of the old Universal monster movies, so I can watch "Frankenstein vs the Wolf Man" if I'm in the mood.

I don't have cable, sports are mostly network with an antenna, decided to stream with peacock for a couple of months, the picture was amazing, I'm afraid I won't be satisfied with the networked antenna format anymore.

Yes I found the replay and enjoyed commercial after commercial...sticking with my initial reaction it sucks dix.

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