oops -- wrong forum

This thread would like a bit more social spacing from the other threads on this site.

This thread is pondering the meaning of life without sports.

This thread feels it need an air mask to make it through this pandemic and thinks with so many "the sky is falling" Gopherhole fans out there one or two of you may be hoarding a bunch.

This thread is looking over it's shoulder at the now started similar men's basketball forum thread

This thread can't wait to rookie haze the wrong forum thread on the basketball board.

Go Gophers!!

This thread has spent what feels like forever in March. And there's still 3 days to go.

This thread almost passed out from all the Gopher news yesterday.

This thread says "All 4 stars, come hither!!!!!!"

And if you feel like it, bring some of those oddities known as 5 stars with you.

Cold outside and snow predicted for Sunday or so. I thought it was suppose to be spring?

Starting to wonder if this thread is a cultural fit to the excellence PJ is bringing to town. Is oops wrong forum ELITE? Seems like a better fit on the basketball side where they have nothing to talk about

This thread likes 4 star Gopher Football Commits.

ESPN rated this thread below the Northwestern and Indiana "Oops - wrong forum" threads, and everyone is hopping mad.

This thread hopes the results of its Wonderlic test don't get leaked to the media.

Fact or Fiction: This thread has become a force in GopherHole lore.

If you haven't lived in this thread's house or dated another thread, this thread doesn't consider you an expert on these threads.

This thread is all tied up at the moment

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