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Nov 12, 2008
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Expand your point. You can't just drop an exactly after saying they are being "rewarded" with a trip to S.D.. Can't let you off of the hook that easy.

BTW Rog, I am sorry for my role in hijacking your thread. I do want to know more about/ talk about the game in question. Just still struggling with the events in question.

I will add that I am somewhat concerned about the ability of our offense to run/ move the ball against WSU. They are going to force us to pass. Can we? Can we ram the ball down their throats if WSU knows it's coming and plays sound defense. We have been very good, but I don't know that we've been dominant with our run game.

My point is that the "problem" has not over but we can't do anything about it now, so lets get our minds back to the game.

I agree on your take on the game: Mine is very similar --

We can win this game if:

Our offense plays their best game with Leidner and his receivers play lights out in their passing game!
Our Offensive can control the ball on long drives with the O line and Brooks and Smith have their best game.

Our defense again show us that their pass rush reaches new heights and our back up D backs have more talent then
we all are thinking.


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