Need to get up by three to make me feel safe.

They took the goal away?

Knies is looking for that perfect shot and keeps missing the net... can't score if you can't hit the net!

God I hate playing the Boston teams in the Frozen Four!

The key is to just sit there and hope they call goalie interference. He could have been stretch Gordon and not save the Cooley shot.

Typical ESPN east coast viewpoint, even the article about 100 point scorers in the NCAA covers Kariya instead of Tony Hrkac!

Thank God, Tiger is done for the day so I can watch the Masters during the commercial intermission.

The only way the Gophers lose this game is a collapse by Close. They look to be so much better than BU! They were skating circles around them the first period. Yes, I realize they didn't put more pucks away but from what I saw, they are levels above the Terriers.

I'm very confident after watching that period even though they seemed somewhat snakebit early on...

It's possible the Boston goaltender held onto the stick -- like knocking the net off -- to negate that goal.

The stick definitely was stuck in the mitt which is interference. They can't call it on intention but on what happened.

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