Taulia is a good QB.

He's hitting people on point.

I know, let’s take the offense pedal completely off that gas. Let’s just park it!!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

If Bateman doesn't get an opportunity in OT, I am just going to go with Sanford has a personal grudge against him

Two year's of magic Fleck recruiting??? How can they have no talent?

You are gonna get your house burned down for asking that question on this board.

You better remember this line if you have any chance. "Fleck and his players alone were responsible for last years success."

This is the battle of the two worst coaches in B1G.

The puzzling decisions these two have made is comical

I keep telling myself that you gotta take everything this season with a grain of salt.... :/

It doesn't even matter if we win... this is already a terrible loss in my mind. I haven't seen us play this bad since early in the first season.

All the defensive improvement slowly and painfully built by Kill and Claeys has disappeared: Gophers give up 660 yards to Maryland in regulation! Also, OC calls incredibly dull game. It is actually allowed to throw on first down, coach. Win or lose in overtime, this has been one of the worst Gopher games in years, following one of the worst Gopher games in years.

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