How do you leave their number one receiver unguarded. Stupid - everyone should know where the ball is going.

Excited to re group next week to clinch the Detroit bowl.

What am I a fan of this fucking team???

I hate this so bad. Damn this team sucks. Blow a 21 point fourth quarter lead at Northwestern and then let a receiver get behind you to lose this game????

I don’t want to hear anyone else talk about how this team can win the west. They are coached horribly and don’t deserve to win the west.

I have been a Gopher fan since 1971. This game is the an example of the essesance of being a Gopher fan. Why do I effing care??!!
Got me beat by five years.

I think we collectively have low self-esteem.

This loss is nearly as infuriating as the NW loss. Both absolutely atrocious. Both played Prevent D against god awful offenses and got trashed because of it.

Just. never. learn. ever. Lost to BOTH of the worst teams in the West because they are too chicken to win. BOTH.

Our defense is atrocious....not even remotely good. There is some individual talent, but players are so grossly out of position....
Which begs the question why fleck decides to put so much pressure on them. Minnesota could have run the clock out when they got the ball back, but nope can’t get a first down.

Horseschit by coaches and players. Choosing to lay up as a philosophy is gonna put you on the knife’s edge consistently.

Be internally consistent and run on that last series. 🤷‍♂️

Two times this year Fleck has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Done with PJ
I am too. I’m done with him. He can’t get this team over the hump. Every year we overlook some absolutely fucking brutal loss because he gets to a bowl game. I can’t overlook Northwestern and this game today. It’s time for PJ to go.

1st & 10 at ILL 33
(8:43 - 2nd) Jordan Nubin run for 10 yds to the ILL 23 for a 1ST down
1st & 10 at ILL 23
(8:43 - 2nd) Jordan Nubin run for a loss of 1 yard to the ILL 24
2nd & 11 at ILL 24
(8:43 - 2nd) Athan Kaliakmanis run for 2 yds to the ILL 22
(1:25 - 2nd) Timeout Minnesota, clock 01:25
3rd & 9 at ILL 22
(1:25 - 2nd) Jordan Nubin run for 4 yds to the ILL 18
4th & 5 at ILL 18
(1:20 - 2nd) Dragan Kesich 36 yd FG GOOD

This play at the end of the half without the savior Johnny newton on the field is terrible. You are at home and basically saying an attempted field goal from 36 is good enough.

Can’t wait for his fanboys to get on here and defend this garbage


The culture is to play not to lose. It has been, and will continue to be.

Crazy to look back at that Auburn win and where we are this point with PJ.

Really disappointing.

I'd say the Defensive Coordinator. Spending way too much time not going after the QB and hoping that dropping a bunch of guys back would win the game for them. Instead he gift wrapped a loss for the Gophers.
agreed. This is Rossi’s second worst game of the year, second only to the complete crap he called against NW. In both cases he decided to bring no pressure on bad QBs. Football coaches are not exactly smart people.

Here's a fun fact we get an extra hour tomorrow to be mad about this

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