Reggie Cunningham and Clifford Reed will not be climbing the stairs to play on the Broadway floor of college basketball tonight. Gophers roll by 22.

Hey, that's pretty good! I wouldn't have known any former Bethune Cookman stars.

Rutgers has the most competitive opponent tonight. Rutgers is in a very competitive game with Princeton and they're trailing the Tigers by 4 points at half. OSU is trailing Oakland by 2 points with a little less than 3 minutes left in the half.

Well at least BTN+ finally added casting as an option. It's never available as an app on my smart TV, and I had to watch games on my phone or laptop last year.

Gopher radio feed:

Bethune-Cookman roster:

Live Stats:

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All right, 1-2 on free throws so far from Payne.

B-C is quicker to the ball and board than us so far.

Let's go! Team looking decent so far. Parker Fox with a smooth bucket early.

Ihnen about to check in now too.

lol......commentator checks in with some (courtside?) gal.....and she has one addition to the game:

"This has been a really physical game.....from what I can see"

Also....this commentator has said that Ihnen is getting his first playing time as a Gopher multiple times now. Isn't this an on campus dude? Maybe a student? Regardless.....how do you not get that right?

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