No thread - please delete

“This is not the Golden Era of deleted ‘no threads’, despite what Gopher_In_NYC says” - Patrick Reusse

From the article . . .

“Back in the early days of Gopherhole, there were fewer threads posted every year. Dominating early season, out of context, posters such as: Short Ornery Norwegian, Windy City Gopher, GophersInIowa and Bayfieldgopher, don’t elevate these deleted threads to the real Golden Age. See: ‘oops, wrong forum’ as the true standard - just like the good old days of ten teams in the Big Ten, and in both the American and National Leagues, when the major baseball leagues were pure and weren’t trotting out DHs on astroturf fields in multi-purpose ‘stadiums’.

When it comes to threads, does size matter? Asking for a friend...


This thread and Oops Wrong Forum need to meet at the Vu and settle things once and for all.

Glad you deleted. Now no one can track my private jet.

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