NIL Money and Miami - Some Background on the $10 Million Spent

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Jul 29, 2010
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I'd read the book on: NIL Truth - What Really Goes On?
This is how Miami was or is doing it. Alabama basketball and they doing it?
Kansas basketball? Who offered the Maryland QB $1.5 Million to transfer?
Add your links to follow the money.

Miami says 80% of their deals are through their collective in 2023. They expect 100% to be done in house in 2024.
They have several large companies who unlike Life Wallet choose to remain anonymous.

Interesting article.

Any guesses what we paid to add Mitchell, Hawkins, Wilson (this year) and Garcia (last year)?
I would guess very little since there isn’t much to work with.

The market needs to regulate itself. Pay for play isn’t what NIL was supposed to be. It was supposed to allow kids to capitalize in the market place the value of their brand without interference from league. Not being paid to play for a school. If donors remain anonymous, it’s a complete contradiction to the intent of the plan. Yuk

Duck Duck Gray is donating 20% of sales for specific products to Dinkytown athletes. Vodka, a beer, a seltzer.

What are we really talking about here? It all sounds horrible for us and if you throw the numbers around like 10M for Miami it sounds worse. Does this mean we have secured a $50k budget or $5M? Where are the other Big10 schools at?

Without any real data this appears to be just another "hand wringing" thread.

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