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Nov 24, 2008
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Congrats on a heck of a tournament. Thanks for sending Carolina into their tail spin early this year. It will be fun watching to see if they can get back to the NIT.

I think it is interesting how Sampson and Iverson in particular are developing. After reading this board for the last couple of years, you would of thought they were the two worst big men in the history of the game. Maybe they were just young?

I think Mbakwe deserves a tremendous amount of credit for sticking it out through last year. It would have been easy for him to pack up and quit or for him to go somewhere else. I was skeptical about what kind of player he would really be, but he certainly has shown a lot of ability thus far. If he is consistent, he is going to be a force in the Big 10.

It will be interesting to see how Devoe is integrated back into the rotation. Nolen also looked a lot more confident taking the ball to the basket against West Virginia. It looks like he has matured since the problems of last year and gotten stronger. Hoff speaks for himself. He could play for anyone in the country. Don't you just wish he was more athletic though?

The Big 10 is going to be a lot of fun this year.


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Jun 4, 2009
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You are already following the team and live in Golden Valley. Why not just buy a maroon and gold sweatshirt and be a fan? :)

Yeah, it will be a fun season and the Big 10 is loaded. There will be great games to watch at every turn this year, both including and not including the Gophers.

Seeing Michigan State struggle with a lower division team last night is a reminder that anyone can have an off night. In the Big 10, there won't be many wins for teams that show up and play poorly.

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