New Gophers QB Max Brosmer embraces challenge of fixing their offense


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Nov 11, 2008
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Per Randy:

Hope springs eternal in spring football, and Harbaugh likes the approach that Brosmer is taking to his role with the Gophers.

"When you're recruiting a quarterback that, No. 1, he could change the landscape of how you are offensively, that's a pretty big deal," Harbaugh said. "… I think what you'll see is that it's different than other relationships that I have with players. Max and I look at it as a partnership. We're working together constantly to put the best product out there."

The key word there is "working." Brosmer's serious approach to his craft has impressed his new teammates.

"Max, with one word, I'd describe him as a general," wide receiver Daniel Jackson said.

Fleck concurred and offered an anecdote to support that opinion.

"I've never seen a person walk into a situation -- maybe even a more uncomfortable situation because he's the new guy -- and connect as many people as quickly as he has," Fleck said. "… Most people, for spring break, you hear Panama City, you hear Miami and these things. Nope, he took a bunch of players back [to Georgia] with him, and they worked out during spring break. That's leadership."

Go Gophers!!

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