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Sep 11, 2010
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Gophers will host the subregional.

Their regional is brutal and would be going to Seattle if they make the Sweet 16.

#2 Nebraska
#7 California
#10 Minnesota
#15 Hawaii

The toughest regional in the bracket. Penn State should breeze into the Final 4 as the #4 national seed.

Friday - 12/3
Iowa State v. Creighton
#10 Minnesota v. North Dakota State

Saturday - 12/4
ISU/Creighton winner v. Minn/NSDU winner

This seems like a bit of a raw deal. They were number 9 in RPI before last night's game. And they come out as a 10 seed? And Illinois is number 8? How does that happen? We beat them last week and knocked off the number 4 seed last night. 9-1 in last 10 matches. Gophers should have been a 7 or 8 seed at worst IMO.

Alas, gotta beat the teams they put in front of you, so...Go Gophers!

Figured the Gophers would get a top-10 seed somewhere. Checked the RPI this morning and saw that the team was ranked #7 there, so I supposed a seed somewhere between 7-10 was to be expected.

Anyhow, the ladies are playing their best ball of the year at the perfect time. Should have a better than good shot at making the sweet 16 I would think. Of course, need to take care of business at home in order to do that. In any case, it should be fun to watch.

Being the #10 seed is better than being #8 or #9.

Would rather have to play in the #2 seed's regional, than the #1 seed's.

Of course being the #11 or #12 would have put us in the #3 or #4 seed's regional.

If there was any doubt about how good B10 volleyball is they got 8(!!!) teams into the tourney. Penn State is the #4 overall seed, Illinois is #8, the Gopher are #10, and Purdue is #16. Northwestern, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio State all made the tourny but are not seeded.

And that doesn't include Nebraska who is the #2 seed. Thats amazing. 75% of the teams in the B10 are in the Tourny. Congratulations to all B10 teams and how awesome would it be to have a all B10 Final Four or even an Elite Eight.

I think we will not be a 3-0 sweep this year. Our volleyball team as over come a lot, losing one of our starters for the year to a liver injury (surprisingly she did come back in late November) and our Head Coach up and left half way through the season. I think we will draw the gophs every time we make the dance. Its just too good for ticket sales. I would be surprised if we pulled the upset, but who knows this team surprised me by making the dance in the 1st place.

Gophers sweep the Bison 3-0 -- 25-21, 25-21, 25-12.

Creighton pulled a bit of an upset over Iowa State 3-2 in the Bluejays first ever NCAA appearance.

Gophers v. Creighton Saturday at 6 p.m. Most, if not all, of the matches have been on webcast on

Big Ten goes 7-1 in the first round.

#16 Purdue 3, Kentucky 1
- v. Louisville in second round.

#8 Illinois 3, Austin Peay 0
- v. Cincinnati in second round.

Northwestern 3, Arizona 1
- v. Missouri in second round in Cedar Falls; Mizzou upset #5 Northern Iowa 3-2.

#4 Penn State 3, Niagara 0
- v. Virginia Tech in second round.

Ohio State 3, Lipscomb 1
- v. #14 Dayton in second round.

Indiana 3, Miami (FL) 2
- v. #11 Tennessee in second round.

#10 Minnesota 3, North Dakota State 0
- v. Creighton in second round; winner will play winner of #7 California/North Carolina in Sweet 16 in Seattle.

Washington 3, Michigan 0
- Michigan done

Seattle Regional
- Future Big Ten member #2 Nebraska is in the Sweet 16 sweeping Sacred Heart and then Auburn.

- Washington upset #15 Hawaii in the second round 3-0 to advance to play Nebraska in the Sweet 16.

I was at the Pav last night. Thought the Bison really played well in the first two sets. The Gophers returned to their recent form to take the sweep in set 3. Ashley Wittman had trouble early and then caught fire in Set 3. Hebert has built a very good program.

B10 Update

The B10 went 6-1 in the second round and 13-2 over the first two rounds of the tournament.

#10 Minnesota beat Creighton 3-0
Plays #7 Cal next

#16 Purdue beat Louisville 3-1
Plays #1 Florida next

Indiana beat #11 Tennessee 3-2
Plays #6 Southern California next

Ohio St beat #14 Dayton 3-2
Plays winner of #3 Stanford next

#4 Penn State beat Va Tech 3-0
Plays Oklahoma next

#8 Illinois beat Cincinnati 3-1
Plays #9 Texas next

Northwestern lost to Missouri 3-1
Out of the Tournament

Future B10 member #2 Nebraska beat Auburn 3-0
Plays Washington next

#16 Purdue beat Louisville 3-1
Plays #1 Florida next

Purdue should be playing FSU. Not sure how they ended up losing to Florida - they had it in the bag. The had the Gators on their heels for a point that would've put them up 14-11 in the 5th set and then the ref inadvertently calls 4 hits on Florida and they replay the point and Gators end up scoring.

Purdue should be playing FSU. Not sure how they ended up losing to Florida - they had it in the bag. The had the Gators on their heels for a point that would've put them up 14-11 in the 5th set and then the ref inadvertently calls 4 hits on Florida and they replay the point and Gators end up scoring.

While I don't know enough about FSU than Florida going by seeding I would have rather played the 'Noles. But it is something outside my-and Purdue volleyball control-so you really can't worry about it. Hopefully the Boilers can come out and play well vs the Gators and possibly get the victory.


The Friday match with NDSU was the first game I was able to attend in person this year. I had seen a few matches on Big Ten Network earlier and then watched last nights match online.

What I saw leads me to ask a question of those who have been in attendance all year. Has Wittman's hitting really cranked up lately? It seemed to me that she was just flat out hitting the ball much harder in the tournament games. Am I imagining that or has she really found a new groove that allows her to really unload?


Frink, I have seen almost every home game. Wittman started really well, but has had problems with shin splints and hasn't been able to practice with the team. She seems to be a streak player, who gets really hot and can't be stopped. I think she will be even better next year when her shin splints are gone and she can work during the week with the team. The injuries really hurt this year, but they still made it to the Sweet Sixteen.


Thanks much MnBob, much appreciated. It's a shame I didn't get to any regular season games this year.

Pretty brutal night for the B10, but once you get to this point in the tournament there are no easy games.

#10 Minnesota loses to #7 California 3-0
-Gophers are done

#16 Purdue beats #1 Florida 3-0
-Boilermakers play #9 Texas next in Austin

#8 Illinois loses to #9 Texas 3-2
-Illini are done

#4 Penn State beat Oklahoma 3-0
-Nittany Lions play #12 Duke next in University Park

Ohio State loses to #3 Stanford 3-1
-Buckeyes are done

Indiana loses to #6 USC 3-0
-Hoosiers are done

Future Member

#2 Nebraska loses to Washington 3-1
-Cornhuskers are done

Tough loss for the Gophers losing all 3 sets by the minimum 2 points. They blew the second set after leading 23-19 to lose 25-23.

California will play Washington who upset Nebraska 3-1. So #1 and #2 are out now.

Not surprising the Big Ten faltered in the Sweet 16 as they were the underdog in all but basically one match (PSU) with Illinois playing at Texas.

Well, Penn State came though making to the Final Four.

And the evidence continues to mount that God hates Purdue as the Boilermakers loses to Texas 3-1. Purdue's star setter went down with a hamstring injury towards the end of the 1st. Prior to that Purdue was playing great and really taking it to Texas. After that Texas played great in the second and third. In the fourth the Boilermakers lost after have multiple set points.

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