NCAA Creates a Post-Season Invitation WBB Tournament in 2024

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Sep 9, 2015
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The NCAA has announced the creation of the Women's Basketball Invitation Tournament. The 32-team postseason tournament, which will be owned and funded by the NCAA, will be held annually beginning in 2024.

With the addition of the WBIT, 100 postseason NCAA-funded opportunities will be available for Division I women's basketball teams, equal to that of men's basketball through its two events (the 68-team championship and 32-team National Invitation Tournament). Details about the tournament's format — including the selection process, bracketing principles and host sites — will be released later.

"Women's basketball is at an all-time high with records being set for national championship and Final Four viewership, and the tournament was the most viewed since 2009," said Jamie Boggs, chair of the Division I Women's Basketball Oversight Committee and vice president of athletics for Grand Canyon. "This tournament will create an additional NCAA-funded postseason opportunity for women's basketball, and it comes at a time when we are seeing tremendous growth in popularity for women's basketball."

The NCAA also released branding for the tournament, which continues to highlight orange in alignment with other NCAA women's basketball branding, including the March Madness logo. The WBIT logo — which is inspired by a backboard and net — also will feature blue to tie in to the NCAA's primary branding.

Later this summer, the NCAA will identify a selection committee, comprising women's basketball stakeholders and NCAA members, to administer the WBIT.

"A lot of people are saying [the new tournament] is great for women's basketball," Seton Hall coach Tony Bozzella said. "But I'm not sure it is. With the WNIT and NCAA we had 132 teams, now we have 100. Is it better for women's basketball? We will see."

The Women's Basketball Invitation Tournament will lessen the financial burden on teams. It's unclear what will happen to the postseason WNIT.

Doesn't sound like there was much communication, collaboration or discussion on this decision.
HERE, this is what we're doing.

I have heard that the WNIT will go to a 48 team format. Albeit with a little bit lower level of competition, because they won’t get that “next” AQ team from the top conferences. However, it will be good for smaller conferences with good second teams that are not chosen for the NCAA tournament. They won’t have to bid to host games in the WBIT, as they would in the WNIT.

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