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Jan 3, 2017
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They propped a handful of NBA higher ups for the negatives about each top 50 prospect. Note: these are intentionally negative and pointing out weaknesses.

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Here are a few excerpts about some local kids trying to make the league.

Kendall Brown, 6-8 freshman forward, Baylor. “He makes me nervous. He’s probably slipped more than anybody right now. I went to some of their games, and I’m like, did he get off the bus? Freak athlete, but he has not shown the ability to make shots, and he doesn’t handle it well enough right now to be a small forward. He’ll need to be a four at the start. People say he’s such a good passer, but I didn’t see that. The shooting piece is scary. He’s an open-court transition player, but when the game gets in the halfcourt, does he have the passing, the shooting, the basketball IQ? I don’t know if he loves the game. He looks the part more than he plays the part. Little bit of an enigma to me.”

Chet Holmgren, 7-1 freshman forward, Gonzaga. “He could potentially change the game. The concern is the body, obviously, but he’s got toughness to him. You can elbow him and he’s coming back at you. He does literally everything. He can shoot, can pass, handles well for his size. He’ll get a lot of clean looks from three because he’ll be guarded by fours and fives. He’ll shoot in the pick-and-pop and get a lot of trail 3s. There haven’t been a lot of guys that look like him physically, so you worry about his durability. Tiny hips, tiny shoulders, so I don’t know how much his body will fill out. Guys never seem to get a clean hit on him. He shot 73 percent from 2 and 39 percent from 3. What he does defensively is unprecedented. He’s an unbelievable weak side shot blocker.”

David Roddy, 6-5 junior guard, Colorado State.“He’s built to play in the NFL, but he’s not a two in this league. He’s not a great ballhandler. I’m not a believer in his shooting. He’s super, super bright. Really undersized for his position. He has some intangibles, but the lack of athleticism and height at the four is concerning. He might be a Grant Williams type. His weight is an issue at times. He didn’t make shots in Chicago, but he’s made ’em his whole career. He can’t play the three. He handles the ball OK. At the combine he struggled with the NBA 3. The line is too deep for him. He had a hard time getting his shot off. I don’t know how he translates to the NBA with his size and skill.”

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