Mic'd Up

Not quite Mic'd up

That are getting ready. Garcia has serious confidence. One of our on court leaders. We need on court leadership. We have a number of players developing confidence and leadership. They are winners and clutch players.
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"I'm 23 and everyone else here is 17."

Wilson does look like a man out there, especially with the tats. He could be the Gophers' answer to Nikola Pekovic - former Wolves Center and one scary-looking dude.

Wilson has admitted he grew up/matured too late to be a factor earlier in college.
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that looks like Fox - and no knee brace. in those videos they've shot on the outdoor court, he is usually wearing some type of brace or support on the knee.

if correct, that would be another potential sign of progress. I still expect the coaches to ease Fox back into the action. the goal should be to have him full-go by conference season.

Says towards the end of the clip to Thorson

“I’m taking my conditioning to a whole another level because we got people who can run it this year.”

I would guess he’s talking about the point and that we won’t have plodders there this year.
Great pick up and post. It starts with back court but most of our front court are ball handlers and fast with length. We will see front players going coast to coast, baby! We have had some great teams during my time as a Gopher fan, but I expect this year to be the best and most entertaining.

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