Looking to split our 4 season football tickets with another group


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Nov 20, 2008
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We have 4 tickets in sunny corner of endzone.
Sec 117 (2 tickets in row 29 and 2 tickets in row 30 right behind the ones in row 29)
Each season ticket's total cost is $490 (ticket price $310 + donation fee $150 + handling fee $30)

We would alternate years for number of games attended and do a draft pick for games. (i.e., we would flip a coin this year to see which group picks first and we would alternate picking games until all 7 games are chosen.). The group that wins the coin toss would get 4 games this year (while the other group gets 3). And then next year the other group would draft first and get 4 games, etc.

As each season ticket is $490, the per game price would be $70. So the group that gets 4 games would pay $280 per ticket ($70 x 4) and the group that gets 3 games would pay $210 per ticket. We also have a parking pass on the West bank (Lot 86) that is $10 per game.

Email me if interested: [email protected]

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