Looking for someone to split 2024 Gopher FB season tix


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Nov 25, 2019
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Looking for a fellow FB fan who would be interested in splitting season tix for the 2024 season and maybe beyond. I am a long time FB season ticket holder who is unable to go to enough games to justify cost but would like to keep my current seats for up to 3-4 games per season. Pretty flexible on which games to share but would prefer to have one person or group take at least 3-4 games if possible (ie not 4 different people take 1 game each)

I have 4 tickets on home side at about 5 yd line near student section. Section 137, Row 31, Seats 14-17. These are great seats...great view (see photos), last row so you can stand, quick in and out to aisle and concourse, shaded on hot days, covered on rainy days. Also would include parking spot at Wash Ave ramp. Cost would be whatever I pay...which this year would be $380/game (or $95/seat/game) but open to negotiate for the right person.

Text or call me @ 651-206-4758 for more details


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Not getting a lot of interest on this, so I'm going to offer another way as a mini bundle...4 tix to 3 games + parking for $990. $150 savings.
Option 1: 9/7 Rhode Island, 9/21 Iowa, 10/26 Maryland
Option 2: 9/14 Nevada, 10/5 USC, 11/23 Penn State
Would need payment by Apr 1st. Cash, Venmo, or Paypal

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