Looking Back Previous Gopher Football Streaks


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Mar 7, 2019
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The current streak the gophers are going through inspired me to look back to previous streaks my team has gotten to (and I went a long way back actually).

Six wins at the start of the Gopher football is great for bowl eligibility. The year 2003 was the last time this happened. Ever since, it has never happened. Hitting a record seven wins to start the year is a record-breaking fun event. The last record of this occurred in 1960. And for knowledge sake, the last team to win its first eight was the 1941 team.

The unbeaten streak of the gophers stretches back to the last season as well. 2018 Minnesota is up to eight straight wins as well. Numbers and History.

I'm looking forward to the next time the announcer uses this milestone to segue into this next argument or simply to kill a few seconds. But anyways, let's talk about those two teams where the gophers were able to reach this streak. Ready to take a trip down memory lane?

The Rose Bowl team of 1960 is a fascinating story. A grass to grace situation that might have helped saved Murray Warmath's job. The Gophers hadn't had a winning season heading into the year, and to worsen things, the Gophers team of 1959 finished bottom of the big ten.

Tom Brown was the leader of the team and is probably the most underappreciated Gopher great. Tom led the strength of the team as well as the defense, playing both ways. He finished second in Heisman voting and had the highest ever voting for an interior offensive linemen.

Things have changed. With sports betting at it’s all time peak nowadays. Sportsbooks moving stateside and local bookies expected to increase their clientele as well, this trend is expected to continue. Starting a bookie business and operation has never been better, as long as you know your stuff. Back in the day of 1960 local bookies were something else. Nowadays everybody is expected to pay out and cashout to keep things moving.

The Team of 1941 was the last of Bernie Bierman's dominant teams. If the Second World War didn't happen, perhaps his dominance would have continued. Even at 47, he enlisted himself in the war effort. He coached military teams for Three years starting in 1942. The striking thing about the winning streak of the gophers is that Bernie ended it.

Started in November 1939 and stretched through the entire 1940 and 1941 seasons, the gophers remained unbeaten through 18 games. George Hauser, Bernie's replacement, won one (1) game in the 1942 season before losing his first match to Bierman's lowa Pre-Flight team in the second week. Apart from Bernie, eight other gophers from the 1941 team, were playing for the lowa Pre-Flight, and Minnesota Pulled it out.

Looking forward to an exciting season.

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