Long story.....but worth it. Is college basketball still this dirty?


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Nov 11, 2008
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Wow that was a heck of a read, thanks for posting. I don’t think college sports are any more or less dirty than it was, just the schemes and tactics change. Heck, look no further than what UNC did not too long ago, creating legit fake classes at one of the most prestigious academic universities.

NIL will make the cheating seem more mainstream or legal, but all it really does is add a few more 00’s to the payment to get these kids. Coaches will still go to pathetic lengths to win and recruit, and fans will admonish programs as long as it’s not their own, and when it is their own, they’ll say “everyone is doing it, we just got caught” and the fans will be correct.

My favorite 1970’s recruitment story is Clemson hiring a fraternity full of black young men to act as a black fraternity the weekend of Tree Rollins’ official visit. Clemson didn’t have a lot of black students at that time and the Clemson coach wanted to show Tree that the campus had diversity. It wasn’t until he signed and came to school as a freshman that he found out otherwise.

Go Gophers!!

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