KSTP: Gophers AD confirms remaining eligibility for Gable Steveson


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Nov 11, 2008
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per KSTP:

Wednesday, University of Minnesota Director of Athletics Mark Coyle released a statement confirming Gable Steveson has one season of collegiate eligibility left, if he wants to use it.

“Gable is a generational talent and one of the most accomplished athletes – regardless of sport – in school and state history. He is an Olympic gold medalist, a two-time NCAA champion, a three-time Big Ten champion, and we are excited about the opportunity of him returning to Minnesota for one final season,” Coyle said. “The two-time Hodge Trophy winner and Big Ten Medal of Honor recipient is the most entertaining athlete in collegiate sports, and we are thrilled about the possibility of being able to watch him compete once again as a Gopher.”

Go Gophers!!

Rumor is he's going to Iowa.
Yeah, I have no connections to the wrestling world, but the Iowa people I know have been getting more excited about the prospect of having him there. Rumors seem to be mostly based on the fact that he's been training there. Well, that and his tweets.
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Someone is enjoying the attention:

Go Gophers!!

Gable is a great wrestler without question. The biggest issue is the competitiveness of the whole wrestling program.

Hurts in a sense. As his name is Gable who is named after an Iowa great, I see the connection. Also, perhaps the chance to win a title with them is another drive. It is what it is though. He came to us at a time when the wresting team wasn't exactly elite and still isn't for that matter. I have to give him credit for that. Probably hurts Gopher recruiting though a bit. I have no clue if it is time for a change within the Gopher program as to coaching.

I don't follow the Iowa wrestling room much. What other competitive wrestler do they have at that weight? Wondering about training partners available.

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