Kevin McGuff Reflects on his Decade with the Buckeyes

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Sep 9, 2015
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McGuff covers his tenure from transfer portal to sanctions

On April 16, 2013, the Ohio State women’s basketball team took a moment in time to announce the hiring of then University of Washington head coach Kevin McGuff to lead the Buckeyes’ program.

Coach McGuff admits he’s not the nostalgic type, thinking back on his 10-year anniversary with the Scarlet & Gray. However, he has a good way of measuring his time with the Buckeyes. Back in April 2013, the McGuff family wasn’t celebrating the move to Ohio State. They were a little busy raising a newborn.

“Our youngest son, Leks, was born on April 3, 10 years ago,” said McGuff. “I had a week old and I had to hop on a plane to come out here. Not only a week old but the youngest of six, so I was leaving a whole bunch of people back in Seattle to come start this job.”

Leaving his family in Washington with wife Letitia, whose grace knows no bounds, McGuff arrived in Columbus to begin a trek that’s now at the double-digit mark

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