Just over 9 months until Big Ten Tournament

Where will 2025 Big Ten Tournament be held?

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Another city that I know placed a bid for it is Columbus. It does seem a little odd it hasn't been announced yet.

If they are really bad, like B1G was last year, it will damage the middle rung bubble teams. Leagues like the Big 12 who really do have a lot of good teams will really benefit.

Was the Big 12 really that good last season or did they game the NET ranking system (as ACC representatives alleged) to achieve inflated rankings? The Big 12 was only 7-7 in the NCAA tournament. The ACC, Big East, and Big Ten all had better records. The Big East compiled a 10-2 record with only 3 teams selected. Even the fading Pac 12 managed a 6-4 record.

The Big 12 was only 2-3 in the NIT with Cincinnati having both of their wins.

I am not sure where the women’s tournament is but the men Indy..

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