Is the NIT a realistic goal for the Gophers this season?

In today's college world... N.I.T within 3 years for a B1G program definitely should be expected.... So I really hope so

This team has a 2016-17 feel. Very few believers, depth and a freshman who could push them over the top like Amir did (Christie).

Think we're going to have a better RPI than St. Thomas?


As a side note, the new NIT selection process os interesting. Say the Big 10 gets 8 ncaa teams. The next 2 highest NET teams get in. I'm interested to see if they favor say the 11th-12th place B1G team or say the MAAC team that went 25-5 but lost their conference tournament. I'd guess with the non AQ teams guaranteed a spot thst more P5 teams get bids. Now I disagree with that plan but thinking in theory it should be easier to get a bid in a bigger league

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