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Nov 12, 2008
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I have to ask. Is PJ Fleck's hire conditional?

During all the negotiations between Mark Coyle and PJ's agent, in return for the $3.5 million/year contract was a stipulation to not retain any of Tracey Claeys' coaches part of the contract?

Mark Coyle is not that vindictive is he for the coaches standing up for the players? He appeared very angry in the presser announcing the firing of Tracey Claeys and when he threw the entire coaching staff under the bus. I seem to recall he underhandedly question the integrity of the Kill/Claeys staff to the ire of Jerry Kill.

We had a defense that shut down the Pirate's high octane offense in the Holiday Bowl. One would think that you'd want to retain some of the defensive coaches.

The training incident provided cover for him to finally get his own guy. One would think normally a 9-4 season does not get a coach fired in the B1G.

Anyone care to comment?

It is common that a coach has free reign on who he hires. However, it looks like there was some influence on Sherels (I'm glad to see)

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