Hometown Former Gophers Basketball Player is Going Pro… in Boxing


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Nov 11, 2008
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Per Ezra:

Remember Jarvis Omersa? He was a standout athlete in both football and basketball at Orono High School, before he went on to the University of Minnesota, where he played the latter for Richard Pitino’s Minnesota Golden Gophers.

After three seasons with his hometown team, Jarvis Omersa entered the transfer portal. He actually committed to now DI St. Thomas, staying close to home again, but never played a game before transferring out and effectively ending his collegiate basketball career.

What is former Minnesota Gophers basketball player Jarvis Omersa up to now? He’s a boxer.​

You might recall Omersa posting a video on social media last year, showcasing his football skills in hopes of attracting interest from schools for a possible switch in sports.

Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out either. But that didn’t mean Jarvis was ready to shut down his athletic career. Instead, he’s trying his hand at yet another sport, this time, as a professional. Boxing.

Omersa started just one game as a Gopher, but he appeared in a total of 64 games during his career at Minnesota, averaging 1.5 points and 2 rebounds per game, and once Richard Pitino was fired, he decided to enter the transfer portal, which essentially ended his basketball career.

Omersa is currently under the guidance of “Shady Shane,” a coach at Element gym in St. Paul. It’s awesome to see Omersa leveraging his athleticism in boxing and pursuing it professionally. As reported, Omersa remains dedicated to his training regimen and is anticipated to make his official professional boxing debut in 2025.

In his latest scoop session with Mackey & Judd on SKOR North, Darren Wolfson reported that Omersa is expected to make his professional boxing debut in 2025.

Go Gophers!!

You ever seen a real boxer in a street fight? I have seen it twice and both times it was 2 rapid head punches and the fight was over.

To the best of my knowledge, the Element Gym does not train real fighters. It's used to get people into shape (nothing wrong with that). I think this might just be a publicity stunt.

Ben should give Jarvis that last scholarship.

No way he wouldn’t help.

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