Hockey game on TV tonight?


Pretty Sure You are Wrong
Jun 4, 2009
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Am I just missing it? Not on TV?

Kind of wish I had missed it. Got totally outworked by Anchorage for about 55 of 60 minutes. With the season on the line, where's the fire?

Another enigmatic performance. Just when it looked like they had turned things around they come out flat in the first playoff game. Hopefully they can carry over some momentum from the comeback tomorrow night. It would be massively disappointing to get knocked out in the first round after they came around to play some pretty solid hockey at the end of the year.

To answer the original poster's question it was on a FSN alternate channel (Sorry for not posting earlier). Tomorrow night's game is on regular FSN but the third game, and there must be a third game, will be on the alternate channel again. The link below outlines what channel everything will be on.

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